Hello! Welcome to The Indoencers. I am no professional journalist or anything of the sort – I am simply a music enthusiast that is using an online means to express his enthusiasm. This blog will primarily focus on Tamil music as that is the form of music I am most familiar with, but I will venture elsewhere once in a while too!

There are a two main sections within this platform, and let me just take you through the two:

Tune Diving: I will write an in-depth analysis of one composition per month in this segment. The goal of these articles is to see how composers use musical features to influence the listener’s emotional response to the song. Articles within this section tend to be much denser in terms of music theory content compared to other content on the website. Occasionally, there will also be song analyses in video form on my YouTube channel.

Podcast: This is fairly self-explanatory – I will occasionally interview a given musician and post it here. This will most likely happen once a month. You can find links to the podcast here!

There’s also a segment called #SongOfTheDay on my Facebook and Twitter pages. In this, everyday I share a song that I feel has not received much public attention, and that I personally enjoyed and think others may enjoy too!

I genuinely appreciate your support – as this is a non-profit platform, your engagement and encouragement is what keeps this going. Thank you very much 🙂

Note: I have scrapped two segments that I used to have on this website: “Biweekly Reviews” and “Independent Reviews”. I stopped the former because, I felt that I wasn’t adding anything new to the music media scene through music reviews, as there are plenty of other bloggers who do an amazing job of evaluating/reviewing the latest releases (examples include: Milliblog, Extravaganza, Music Plus, among plenty of others). Hence, I didn’t see much of a point in the work I was doing on this front. I stopped “Independent Reviews” because, personally, I just felt uncomfortable judging whether a song was “good” or “bad”, or giving ratings or anything like that. I have absolutely no issues with others doing this, but I just personally did not enjoy it as much. Hence, I decided to focus on song analysis (through Tune Diving) rather than song reviews.

Note #2: If you enjoy the content on this website, I thought I might share the work of some other creators, who have inspired the work I have done here through The Indoencers. If you enjoy my content here, please do check out these other creators too!

Adam Neely – An incredible bass player and music composer/producer, but above that, somebody who shares so many fascinating insights about music theory and music history. Adam’s video editing is absolutely top notch as well!

12tone – Their “Understanding [insert song name]” series definitely was a source of inspiration for my Tune Diving series. The way they present the information, with cartoon animations, is super interesting too!

Nahre Sol – “As digested by a classical musician” is such a good series which has exposed me to so many different styles of music, and hearing Nahre talk about these genres through the lens of Western classical music makes it all the more interesting!

Early Music Sources – Admittedly, I’m still in the process of getting through the videos on this channel, but what I’ve seen so far is so interesting and so well-presented too!

Shadab Rayeen – As somebody who isn’t anywhere close to knowledgeable enough about audio engineering (not like I’m particularly knowledgeable about music in general, but audio engineering specifically I know very little), this channel helps me understand the mixing processes so much better!

Listening In – One of the most incredible YouTube channels I have ever come across – period. Videos by Listening In are always so musically rich and explorative both in and out of music itself. The videos often makes connections between music and art, music and film, among so many other cool connections!

June Lee – An absolute master at transcription, but is so much more than that too. His interactions with Jacob Collier are always filled with all sorts of new insights, and I’ve learned so much from his conversations and transcriptions!

Jacob Collier – A true master of music. I’ve hyperlinked a playlist of his DAW breakdowns, and this is just an absolute goldmine. Definitely a huge, huge inspiration for my Tune Diving series.

Maed in India – A big source of inspiration for my podcast! I love the work Mae Thomas does in interviewing so many independent musicians, and by giving them respect by truly taking time to do her research beforehand. I absolutely look up to her work in my pursuit to better the quality of my own podcast!

I Love ARR Podcast – A wonderful podcast, made in tribute to the one and only AR Rahman, which contains conversations with lot of my favourite artists!

I’ll stop here for now, but there’s so many more, so I may leave a document (sometime soon) with many more of my favourite music-based channels!