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Podcast (Episode 17 – Navneeth Sundar)

On the seventeenth episode of The Indoencers Podcast, I had an incredibly fun chat with the genius Navneeth Sundar. We talked extensively about the musical possibilities of the iPad, about his experiences working with Illayaraja-sir and AR Rahman-sir, how he lives “in a world where pink elephants write poems”, plus so much more. I enjoyed…

Gagan Dhuan Dhuan (Tune Diving Live – Edition 3)

In this breakdown session, composer B. Prasanna and I dissect his stunning composition – “Gagan Dhuan Dhuan”, sung by the one and only Bombay Jayashri. The creativity and uniqueness of this song is truly mind-boggling, and this breakdown gives some insight into how this masterpiece came together!

“Manasu” Reflections

Some thoughts after releasing my debut composition and music video 🙂