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Podcast (Episode 15 – Shweta Srivastava)

On the 15th episode of The Indoencers Podcast, I had a chat with the wonderful singer-songwriter Shweta Srivastava – the brains and voice behind songs like “July 19”, and “Home”! We spoke about the time her school teacher randomly threw her on stage at the tender age of 6, randomly singing at clubs in France, how her vocal coach sneakily got her to compose her own songs, plus much more. I had a ton of fun recording this, and I hope you enjoy it too!

What is a Trademark D. Imman Melody? (Tune Diving Video – Edition 7)

In this latest edition of Tune Diving, I examine some melodic features that characterise a “trademark D. Imman melody”. Of course, this does not mean that such features are in every single melody of his, but I try to identify some general trends in his melodies through this video. In addition, I compare these melodic trends with features in melodies by other composers, and attempt to establish how unique Imman’s melodic trends are.

Tu Bole (Tune Diving Video – Edition 6)

In this video, I dissect Adam Rapa’s wonderful trumpet solo – firstly by analysing the underlying chord progression, and secondly by looking into the solo itself! Part I: Part II: Subtitles are available! Just click the “CC” button. Have you ever wondered how composers are able to emotionally impact us with their music? In this […]